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The reorganisation of the German school system is issue of this information graphic. For every federal state the number of pupils in preschool-, primary- and secondary level in 2008 is represented by pie charts (different colours represent different forms of school). A new variation of bar diagram shows the yearly percentage of different kinds of high school diplomas offered
in Germany from 1992 to 2020 (data between 2008 and 2020 forecasted). Reforms for the school system are encoded with icons and numbers (at the year the reforms occurred) leading to the bottom of each poster, where they are described in detail. Its about exploring the complex relationships between political orientation of federal state government, number and diploma of pupils, results of the PISA study and reform activities.


2010 – in collaboration with  Simon Wimmer and Janine Hofmann



This Information Graphic maps the discussion of assisted suicide in Germany. The three main parties involved are politicians, the Christian church and doctors. Their position (›agree‹, ›unsure‹ or ›disagree‹) to
specific arguments (›pro‹ or ›contra‹) is mapped onto triangle shapes.
Every argument turns into a unique symbol. Contextual facts next to the symbol explain the position of the party. The symbols are then clustered
to show agreement or disagreement of different parties. If the arguments position in the cluster is centred between the parties, every side has an opinion about the argument. This way, the quality of an argument can be rated. The poster visually summarises the discussion in a way appropriate
to this difficult topic.