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Emitting Objects rearranges our perception of the domestic environment
and looks at how the unwanted and invisible emissions of electronic household devices can be seen as a measurable source of valuable information. An object’s visible borders extend to non-visible while fulfilling their function: a fridge cools the room when open; a lightbulb radiates heat while shining. These unseen effect are utilised as a trigger for a visual transformation, creating a more playful, emotional interface that reveals a border spectrum. This visualisation of the device ́s hidden behaviour creates a layer of experience, communicating features such as energy consumption, temperature or status of the object.

2015 – RCA


The change in colour is created by a layers of thermo-chromic
pigment which displays the circular radiation of the toaster's heat emission. 



The lights emissions are used to create an animation and extension of the object,  visualising its current status. The life-readings around the light source are translated into the inflation or deflation of the object; creating an object-characteristic interface and a digital translation of these analog values.