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By a series of observations, experiments and objects the theme, entitled »architecture of things« has been explored. This research-oriented project documents various facets of the hanging structure. In former times architecture has used the hanging construction as a design-tool to appoint a mathematically and aesthetically perfect balanced shape to their buildings. Here adjusted to the needs of product development by choosing different sizes, forms,  materials as well as including manufacturing techniques it has been applied as a method in an experimental manner. The project "underconstruction" is a follow-up project that resulted from this research and shows a more concrete application of the findings.





»Underconctruction« is a collection of three stools, which are characterised by their dome-shape seats. The project is based on an examination of the hanging structures. By turning the object upside-down and casting the two materials into a fabric, which is attached to the legs of the chair the particular shape of the seat is created. Phenomenally, this exact form of the seat evolves from a self-formation-process, due to the laws of gravity. The two materials, a plastic–durable and strong– and a foam –soft and comfortable–, create a seat, equipped with a soft and hard layer.